Monday, March 20, 2017

BufycraftHD 128x New update 7.3 is out!

Hi, I uploaded a new update for the pack, here are the new things implemented:
Hope you like the new official Website.
Here i'll post development things, new updates and much more!

Download Here!

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20/03/17 v7.3

-added crafting table ( not finished)
-added mushroom red
-added end rod
-added end frame side and top
-added crafting GUI
-added red nether brick
-added sponge wet
-improved glowstone and animated
-animated redstone block 
-animated gold block
-improved and animated diamond block
-added potatoes
-added end portal effect
-added sponge wet
-improved netherbrick
-improved sponge
-updated beets
-improved end stone
-animated nether bricks
-edited particles.( i think they're better now)
-changed torch ( not mine sorry)
-changed mushroom brown
-changed fire (better now)

Animated redstone block and diamond block

Animated end stone 

Animated nether bricks and glowstone

Animated Gold block

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