Wednesday, April 19, 2017

BufyCraft 128x v 7.4 is Out!

Hello World! I Uploaded a new update with some improvements.

Download here


Changelog 7.4 Bufycraft 128x

-improved colormap of the texturepack ( now the resourcepack looks more vivid!!!) USE OPTIFINE or MCPatcher
-improved planks oak
-improved planks big oak
-improved planks jungle
-improved oak wood
-improved spruce wood
-improved jungle wood
-improved wood birch
-improved stonebrick
-improved big oak wood
-improved acacia wood
-improved cobblestone blocks
-improved brick
-improved birch wood planks
-improved oak wood planks
-improved obsidian
-improved leaves spruce
-improved stone and ores
-added waterlilly
-added reeds ctm
-added all glass blocks
-added 3 alternatives for sand block
-changed coal block
-added elytra(not finished)
-improved weed plant ( double grass)
-stone improved
-changed wheat ( definitive)
-added slime
-added redstone block POM effect
-added bed

and more things!

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